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Page 1,  National Bathing Pavillion,  Fire truck, Post office
Page 3 ,Band Shell, Riverside Blvd.
Page 4 : Homes under construction
Page 5 ,  Barrier Island Paradise

Page 8       7 mile Sand Bar
Page 9          Henry Hudson first charted the Long White Sandy Beach
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US Army War College and Carlisle Barracks, also Center for Strategic Leadership
NCTM Street Car Collections

History of Long Beach 

Long Beach History 2013 Bus tour
.U Boats off of Long Island
Sea Coast Fortifications

Page 6               Island, off of an Island
Page 7            The first referance of the name of Long Beach was in 1678
Page 10, Senator Reynolds Dream
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Page 11:  Traveling Back in Time
 Page 12 :Old Photos
Page 13: LB cerca 1899
Page 14:  My Home Town
Page 15: 1955-1965 Memorial Day Parades
Page 16: Lido Nike Missle Base
The above link has information on moving the unused  WW1 Barracks, by barge,  from Camp Yaphank  to the West End/walks. 
Page 17:  Houses with Rotundas
Page 18:  There was no Green Color in Long Beach in 1910 
19   Long Beach
20 "The Long Beach Museum has no walls"
21. Long Island's Island

"Life with Father" and "The Senator Was Indiscreet"

22  Beach Hurst Hotel
23 LB Stadium

Draft of a home page regarding the Duke and Long Beach

24.     The Indians  taught  the  Farmers to be Oystermen

26. In 1849, The Red House, the  first permanent structure was  built  on Long Beach (A house of Refuge?)
27:  Hog Island Hotel was washed away by a Hurricane
25. The Lido Golf Course was designed in 1915 by Charles Blair Mac Donald
28.Hotel Alexandria, that was never built
29. F. W. Walsh
In the early days, only the seagulls knew about Long Beach
Salt water and the salt air have healing powers.
Red Tile Roofs, White stucco structures
"If I can build a playground in Coney Island, then I can build a "City of Play" in Long Beach" WJR
30. Hotel Cecil
31. Building of Clock Tower
32. Long Beach Farms
33. Infrastructure
34: Auction Map
35: Depot and Park Street
Olive Street
Walnut Street
Monroe Blvd.
Long Beach Poster
"H" shaped Houses
Odds and Ends 5
Odds and ends 6
Airplanes in L.B..
Long Beach Island Landmarks Association
Nassau hotel
Lido Niki Missle Base
Fire Control/LookoutTower
Hotel Venice, Island Park
1880 Long Beach Hotel
1880 Sketch  of Long Beach Hotel
1907 Fire
Mike's Ship Ahoy
Nassau  Hotel Roof Top Gardens
Unknown Building 
Fullers Post Card Store on Boardwalk
New Pictures
Long Beach Health Care
Recently 9/06 discovered pictures
The Inn
36: Clara Steel/Lillian Roth House
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